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Polyamory is openly, honestly, and consensually loving and being committed to more than one person. Please read the full rules and descriptions of the rules here. This community doesn't have many rules, but please keep in polyamorous triad dating that we should all be respectful polyamorous triad dating play nice. That said, these are the set rules:. Point your IRC client at irc. Use the webchat link above or point your IRC polyamorius at irc. Chat with us on OrangeChat - This works together polyamorois polyamorous triad dating polyamory channel on Snoonet, but uses your Reddit account and username.

If you're not familiar with IRC, this is the way to go! Lived in a poly triad for almost 30 years self. Up until 5 years ago, my wife and I shared a girlfriend who was her best friend and the sister of an old friend of mine. We knew her since we were kids and by the time we were 18, polyamorojs treated each other as family. Having her share our life and bed felt very natural. I think polyamorous triad dating Poly worked for us better than it did for the other poly couples polyamorous triad dating knew from the lifestyle, because all polyamorous triad dating of us loved triac other and had sex with each other so there was no issue of dqting.

We even each had our own bedrooms. My marriage was the primary relationship and after about 5 years, our gf wanted a primary relationship of her own for financial and medical benefit reasons. She did not want to give up her relationship with us though. Polyamorous triad dating went online and found a guy.

She told him about us and he was OK with her splitting her time between us. All we were told was that they had an arrangement. After meeting her husband I got the definite impression that her husband was also bisexual who leaned more towards men like his wife leaned more towards women, same as my wife. I was the only straight one in the group. Her husband did not want to join us and once we tried polyamorous triad dating he freaked out as soon as my wife tried to undress him.

I like to say we had a polyfidelity triad since the three of us were sexual faithful to each other and our gf only had sex with us and her husband. Polyamorous triad dating us it was not about the sex with others. It was all about loving the same people. We really never even talked about our relationship as being unusual. Since we rating poly for most of our adult life, it was our normal life.

We had a very happy polyamorous triad dating filled with fun and economic success. We polyamorouw ourselves and bent life to our needs as much as possible. I never met another poly triad that lasted close to how long ours did. I am sure that we are not unique and there are others out there that stayed together for a few decades.

I just have not found them yet. What was weird polyamorous triad dating that my wife and girlfriend were very sexual with each other but only when I was part of sex. They never had sex polyamorous triad dating without me despite daitng encouragement. I was the center of their dating a waltham pocket watch universe and I will admit that it felt good.

Like all old married couples, polyamorous triad dating sex got to be routine. Yes, even threesomes get boring and one on one was more satisfying as far as intimacy was concerned. When both of them went through menopause one after the other, I thought I would never make it. We made plans polyamorous triad dating relocate to a warmer State and retire and die together. We bought a house and our girlfriend and her hubby put a down payment on a home near ours.

Then we got the bad news that they had invested the bulk of their money in one of those highly publicized Ponzi schemes and both had to go back to work. Her husband is a doctor and went to work for the doctor who bought his practice. Our girlfriend went back to being polyamorous triad dating school principal. They were both licensed in their home State and quite frankly there is little work in a retirement community that polyamorous triad dating well.

My wife and I decided to stay put. After 30 years our relationship had grown stale anyway. We still loved each other but when we polyamorois like an old married couple who no longer had fun together. We decided to give monogamy a try. It was difficult to adjust, very difficult. I fell into a depression from missing our gf as did my wife. I had to be medically treated for it and still am.

We found a way to deal with monogamy and are doing very well at it now. However presonus firewire hookup are looking for another women to join us but polyamorous triad dating our age we do not see that happening. My wife is more into women than men so we had that to deal with too. We have not had intercourse for longer than either of us can remember and oral sex has been off the menu for a very long time too.

Hard to explain but we all provided the others with something that they could not get from any combination of two of us. All I will say now is that a poly lifestyle is much better than a monogamous one. There is just something about having a third in your life that brings out a competitive streak in all of us in and out of bed. It made conversations more interesting and going out with two beautiful women on my arm at a time when bisexuals were not even an accepted sexual preference, was fun.

We liked to shock the straight people. It just worked despite rarely talking about it. No one ever talked about their sexuality. Just a few years ago I asked my wife if she considered herself bisexual since she was polyamorous triad dating with one women in her life and only in a threesome with me. She said that she never thought about it and that just about sums up how we felt about datihg little Triad. I'm mono dating a poly girl.

I have been with her for almost a year and I'm polyamroous grappling with it all. I can't seem to see things her way, and she can't see them my way. Two different people with different lifestyles. One isn't better than the other. As a triad person myself, I polyamorous triad dating hope that my relationship will last this long.

Year and a half in so far polyamorous triad dating good so we'll see: But this is beautiful, and every time you said something like "it might be hard to believe but We are just starting out on our triad journey and have hopes that it will last this long. We too have encouraged or girlfriend to look for a husband for similar reasons to what you mention. As a bi male I hope, if she finds someone, that he would be rriad to foursome play as that would be the perfect situation for me.

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