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Dating and Marriage Requirements (RF4)

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Boards Rune Factory 4 Why do they make me feel so guilty for dating?! Dammit fighter, White Mage doesn't like me because you're a rotten friend. Vishnal and Dylas also have similar mini events to Kiel's. Dating red flags askmen sure about the others, but it's rune factory 4 dating vishnal to assume all marriage candidates have a scene like that I've seen one for Clorica as well. Once you start dating, pretty much all the villagers will eventually comment on your lover.

Strangely enough though, if you have more than one lover I'm dating all 6 boysthese daily conversation comments will stop. One neat thing though, is when you run around with your lover s in your party and you walk past another lover, you will get a small jealous comment instead of getting teased like from normal villagers. Do you know what the conditions are to trigger the mini event? Probably over 7 LP is my guess. I'll try to keep my party open and rune factory 4 dating vishnal if I get anyone else.

I hope I didn't miss Doug's but I think I did since I doubt it'll come rune factory 4 dating vishnal that we're dating. What kinds of things do the other lovers say? I like how the villagers tease you. It's a neat addition: Bachelorettes are nicer about it. They just say I look happy with my lover Anticipating: SMT IV, Rune Factory 4, Ace Attorney: Like if you were walking around with one lover and you past another you were dating what do some of them say?

And can anyone confirm for sure if all bachelor's have the mini event where they kinda realize they're falling for you? I read someone saying Doug had a scene "on the bridge" where's that? Has anyone gotten that? I'm pretty sure that they do; I've had one with Dolly not the sheepone with Meg, and no less than two different ones with Clorica. I got that one. It's at Melody Street, just below Margaret's house.

Btw, you still can get Dylas's events even if you're already dating him. Not sure about the others though. Got them all except Leon, maybe because Frey already married him Check the mini events here: Time to load up an earlier save lol Thanks so much for the help everyone! From my experiments countless soft resets to get the correct town event to activate on town event daysmini events count as town rune factory 4 dating vishnal. The character will leave your rune factory 4 dating vishnal in order to go to their mini event location, so you can feel free to keep adventuring with your favorite boys.

It's safe to assume you cannot get a mini event when you're in the middle of a town event also. Did I just see? I haven't caught Doug's yet since I just started dating him and Dylas is always the one in the party so I don't remember what he says. Thanks so much for the info! So if they count as mini events if I stick my head out after I wake up I should see the boy running over to melody street?

I reloaded an earlier save so I could see Doug's and I'm just rune factory 4 dating vishnal and running out to see if he goes over there. So that SHOULD work right? As well as the " sleep in party" trick? Censor Bypassing Trolling Flaming Disruptive Posting Off-Topic Posting Other must leave note below: Notes optional; required for "Other": Add user to Ignore List after reporting.

You are not allowed to request a sticky. More topics from this board Karin18 Karin18 3 years ago 1 So I've recently started dating Doug and one day in game was just brutal. Vishnal was like "I heard you have a lover now. I felt so bad! And he ends up saying he feels weird around me lately and some other hints that he likes me before running off.

I followed him to his house Rune factory 4 dating vishnal sound so creepy lol and he was like "I know you're dating someone but I Wow wait I can't believe I almost said that! Arthur is too but no guilt trip from him yet. Leon and Dylas are at 6. I take it all of the bachelors you aren't dating say something if they're over rune factory 4 dating vishnal LP?

If so will I effectually get something from Leon and Dylas or is it only because it was recent? And I'm just talking about the daily dialogue not the scene. Speaking of scene do all bachelors have a "near confession" scene like I had with Kiel over by South of Margaret's house? His "I know you're dating someone" was the daily dialogue and not related to this. Rune factory 4 dating vishnal dialogue for this is saying he feels hot for some reason.

If they do have it is it still possible for me to see Doug's even though we're dating already? I always invited him to my party so I probably never let it activate D: Will I get Leon and Dylas to mention how sad they are when they reach 7 LP? And do all bachelor's have a scene that hint they like you? Curse this game for making me feel bad for not real people! Akirahime Akirahime 3 years ago 2 Vishnal and Dylas also have similar mini events to Kiel's.

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