100 lb propane tank hook up

Adapter Recommendation to Connect 100 lb Propane Tank to RV

Welcome to the American Homebrewers Association Forum. Though you do not need to be a member to participate, we would love for you to join us! Home Help Search Members View the memberlist Search For Members Login Register. Hi guys, I have a Bayou Classic KAB4 burner, and a few extra pound propane tanks. I have copper tubing and different flare fittings. Has anyone rigged up a big propane tank to run their burners?

I'm not sure the best way to attach the tank to the regulator. My first thought was to cut the rubber tubing, use a barb fitting and a hose clamp to attach the copper tube to the regulator, but I worry about that leaking. Kit B Brewmaster Posts: A tank should have the same valve as a 20 tank It just weighs more, due to it's capability 100 lb propane tank hook up hold more volume Slowbrew Brewmaster General Posts: IANAP I am not a plumber but that was my thought ttank.

The pressure in a tank should be no different that in a 20 tank. As always I stand ready to be corrected but the only difference I'm aware is the over damage you can do to your back due to 80 more pounds being moved. Where the heck are we going? And what's with this hand basket? They have the same internal, left-hand threaded valves that 4 through 40 pound tanks used to have, pre-OPD, not the external, right-hand threaded OPD valves.

Here is what 100 lb propane tank hook up OPD valve looks like: October 24, All the new ones I can see are OPD valves. I use these, on my 20 tanks: I agree with Kit B, your hose fitting should have "internal threads" that will screw over an adaptor fitting. Or you could just cut the hose and fab your own fittings LP is LP whether hooo in the delivery truck tank or in a 20 pound tank. Kb hadn't thought about replacing the regulator. I'll probably end up going that route.

Jimmy K Official Poobah of No Life. Many regulators have have threaded connections. Get some wrenches and remove the OPD connector and replace it with one that fits. Delmarva United Homebrewers - President by inverse coup - former president ousted himself. AHA Member since BJCP Certified: I tried adding something like one uup these guys to my adjustable regulator, to make connecting easier Evidently, many of those have built-in limiting orifices.

It choked my regulator so bad, that I couldn't get a flame. But, you could probably add one of these to your current regulator: October 25,

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