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Being Happy on Your Own. Actually, Surviving on Your Own. A wrist falls limply. We cut from our cold open to Jang Mi and Gi Tae swerving through the streets. Should she be thankful? He even goes on to say that he wanted to make their relationship public and come visit mom sooner but Jang Mi is just soooo stubborn, wanting to keep him a secret until she has confirmation of his feelings! He acts all meek and asks what more does Jang Mi want when he already tells her that he loves her, he needs her and that he wants them to be happy.

Even his mom rolls her eyes at his obvious lies. He even goes as far as to call her mother-in-law and gives her a bow. At work, Jang Mi confides in Hyun Hee and shows her the text. Hyun Hee is obviously jealous and asks if she thinks Hoon Dong is having regrets. Jang Mi doubts it since he texts a lot of girl and says that he even gave an expensive gift to some girl at the party.

It turns out Hoon Dong was just returning the wallets he bought back to Hyun Hee. Gi Tae is asleep when he hears his front door open. She wonders if his ultimate goal marriage not dating korean drama eng sub ep 2 to keep his apartment but he smooooooothly says that his goal is to protect Jang Mi. Yeo Reum is so engrossed in learning how to cook from the chef that he basically ignores Jang Mi.

She asks if they can go out to eat but he tells her he just finished eating. Just come whenever she wishes! Ha, I love marriage not dating korean drama eng sub ep 2 he has an informant in his aunt. Gi Tae even uses this opportunity to take her back to his apartment since he knows mom is stopping by. He deduces that Jang Mi is just playing hard to get.

Yeah, keep thinking that bud. He must be too wasteful to throw away. Marriage not dating korean drama eng sub ep 2 drop Joo Jang Mi. Hahaha how many stalkers do we have in this show? Gi Tae corrects her. A single man has a strong nuance with not being able to get married. She then sees his fish tank and finds Nemo! To spite him, Jang Mi just rubs her hands all over the glass and he frantically starts wiping the prints off.

He sure seems like one fun guy…. Jang Mi tries to find a place to hide and Gi Tae rushes her into his room not before slipping and falling a couple to times. Jang Mi tries to get up and put a pause to this whole ridiculous situation but Gi Tae just pushes her back down on the bed. He manages to take off his shirt and then he makes sure to expose her bare legs from under the covers. Mission complete but Gi Tae does look a bit guilty with his over-the-top methods.

Jang Mi realizes that he brought her to his apartment so that he could chase his mom away. They are still talking to each other and have been bragging about their plastic surgeon son-in-law with all the customers, saying the wedding invitations will be sent out soon. Oops, looks like they are in a bit deeper than she thought. Despondent, she wanders alone saying she wants alcohol. I seriously think that she might just be an alcoholic.

She decides to call Hyun Hee to talk about the situation but Hyun Hee declines, saying she has an urgent family matter. Hoon Dong asks if Jang Mi finds him uncomfortable and she just smiles and asks him if Jang Mi responded to any of his texts. Hoon Dong still thinks Jang Mi is playing hard to get. Ha He seriously needs to get the memo. Hyun Hee initially tries to hide her face but then decides against it and stands up next to Hoon Dong looking apologetic. Once outside, Jang Mi even runs into Yeo Reum coming back from his date for the charity event.

They go for a swim and then have a nice fancy steak dinner by the pool. I thought your preference changed to liking loud and wild things. Me and you, we are not meant to marry anyone. Gi Tae gets up to leave and Se Ah asks if she can go to his house. She realizes as much and lets him off the hook, knowing he likes to stay at home alone.

Jang Mi walks home with a soju juice box in hand. We get a flashback to when she was a child at home alone and she cried for her mom. Did you hide something good? Instead she says that she should be more sorry for being sooooo drunk but continues on her quest to make ramen. She wants to eat spicy seafood stew, not ramen. So she sticks her hand in the fish tank and tries to grab Nemo! Gi tae tries to stop her but she says she just wants one fish. She actually manages to catch one and it falls geology relative dating exercise the floor.

I drank a can of beer without food in my stomach. Marriage not dating korean drama eng sub ep 2, how can you be mean to such an adorable person?!? He measures out the water precisely with a measuring cup and sets the timer for 4 minutes exactly. I think we have a perfectionist on our hands. She heard that they have a history together. She looooves it and Gi Tae tells her to just take it since he was going to throw it away anyways.

When she goes in for another bite of ramen, Gi Tae pushes her away and gives her a bowl but not without scolding her. Your feelings are your feelings. The fake feelings will be taken care of in a fake way. He even tells her that if she wants to date she needs to first buy a smartphone! She marriage not dating korean drama eng sub ep 2, most reasonably.

Oh yeah, solitude of modern men. Just then her phone rings, proving her point that people with 2G phones can still date. Gi Tae yells in the background reminding her that she should spend some time alone. Since Gi Tae is being so obnoxious, she runs to the bathroom to get some peace marriage not dating korean drama eng sub ep 2 quiet to talk on the phone and Gi Tae calls after her saying that the ramen will get cold.

Yeo Reum explains that the person he was with earlier was the lady from the charity event. Turns out Gi Tae is holding onto the handle from the other side and tells her to spend some time alone! Really, you are going to force her to spend alone marriage not dating korean drama eng sub ep 2 in your bathroom? Gi Tae continues to say that any girl who comes out right after she is called will never be a 1. Will she change cs go matchmaking region to wait in the room until the 1 falls from the sky?

Of course not, our girl is a go-getter. She storms off but not before grabbing the box of kimchi he offered earlier. She tries the food he made and compliments it. She even eats it with the pasta he made and then feeds it to a reluctant Yeo Reum who agrees that the combo is pretty darn delicious.

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