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Make Pz. I C a scout

Germany is an original nation in World of Tanks along with Matchmajing. The size of its tech tree is a result of that with 3 heavy tank lines and two medium lines. Add on top two tank destroyer lines, 1 light, and 1 spg line. German tanks are some of the most iconic and recognizable for people just starting World of Tanks. One trait that many German tanks have is their large sizes, thick armor, and solid guns.

This World of Tanks which German tank mahchmaking guide will help you pick the best line based on your wants and needs. For a complete guide on which tank line is right for you see the link below. The light pz 1c matchmaking line for the German tree starts with the Pz. I C which are both relative quick and easy grinds. I will only take a handful of battles to grind through and overall the tank is pretty fun to play. You will want to push through it fast however to get to the glorious Pz.

I C is very fragile even when upgraded but is very agile and zips around on any terrain. Its view range is top notch for its tier and the Mauser gun is ,atchmaking fun with its high rate of fire and machine gun like qualities. The gun struggles against tier 4 and higher tanks some tier 5 heavies you cannot penetrate at all but frail tier 4 and under tanks evaporate in front of your gun. At tier 4 the Luchs is a very capable scout and damage dealer. Most use the auto-loader gun that has good burst potential for a tier 4 light tank.

With great speed, good burst damage, and a small size the Luchs is an excellent light. The main downsides are low penetration and somewhat matcymaking accuracy at long ranges. The Leopard is pz 1c matchmaking similar to the Luchs in many ways. It shares the top 3cm gun with the Luchs and also has an upgraded 5cm. Currently the 5cm top gun is the only viable gun available to use. With it you matchmaikng decent penetration and DPM for a tier 5 light but struggle facing many heavy tanks tier Your view also does not improve coming from the Luchs which is extremely odd.

Honestly the Leopard currently is just a tier 5 Luchs that is larger, slightly slower, has worse camouflage, and the same view range. The only advantages you have is a little more HP, a better 5cm, and more health over the Px. It has stock 5 cm and upgraded 7. Coming from the Leopard the upgraded 7. Mobility does take a small hit but you are still fairly quick.

Your health points rise from to and your view range sees a macthmaking increase. While the loss of the old matchmakking gun makes the Pz 1c matchmaking Against other lights you can also ram them considering your tank weighs For comparison the Sp I C up next only weighs 9. The SP I C is great for getting in quick damage and retreating for the next opportune moment to arise.

Your camouflage values are decent but not excellent for a light. The downsides of the SP Pz 1c matchmaking Care the slightly low top speed, low DPM, and slow shell velocity. The upsides are having a small overall size with a more medium like gun that mztchmaking a punch. The HWK 12 refines the SP I C a tier higher and resembles it in appearance. The HWK 12 in elite form provides modest improvements to the 90mm gun with 20 more damage per shot.

Penetration rises from mm matcumaking mm with AP. DPM sees a huge increase from 1, to 2, with equipment. Your view range also finally starts to be competitive against your peers. Move in and out of the fight taking matchmmaking decent chunks of damage with your 90mm. The small size, good mobility, and solid gun make this a fun light to play. The Ru significantly increases your firepower coming from the HWK It also has an easy grind to manage since it starts out with matchmakng top gun already unlocked.

Size wise you gain a few pounds…I mean about 12 tons compared to the Matchmwking 12 before it. Mobility however is nearly identical. The RU keeps itself in the same role as a hard hitting light with excellent pz 1c matchmaking. Focusing more on setting yourself up to keep your 90mm in the fight as much as possible will reap the rewards more than scouting.

At tier 10 the Rhm. Coming from 90mm on the previous 3 tanks you jump up to damage per shot. Penetration also sits at a respectable mm with standard rounds. If you thought the RU had excellent mobility the Pz 1c matchmaking. It shares the top spot with the Sheridan while having slightly better camouflage values.

Its camouflage is lower than all other lights outside of the Sheridan at tier The role of being a zippy light with a solid matchamking finally reaches its apex in the Rhm. This makes dealing with mxtchmaking other tanks in your tier a breeze at close range. This grind is zp and sweet being a tier 2 tank. At tier 3 sits the PZ. III A and the PZ. II Cs go matchmaking ping spikes which provide a choice for players to make.

III A is a personal favorite of mine since it is a blast to play. The 5 cm gun might seem better but the accuracy and aim time pz 1c matchmaking brutal to deal with. III A is an excellent scout tank in most matches that you arent top tier. When you are near the top of the list the 2 cm shines and allows you to focus on dealing damage more than just scouting. II G which is less mobile than the PZ. In return it gets a matchmaaking top gun in the form of the 3 cm M.

This allows you deal out consistent damage with that excellent penetration is gets for a tier 3 tank. Both grinds are quick and easy pz 1c matchmaking my choice is the PZ. Mtchmaking A since it has the added ability to scout while in matchmakinh 5 matches. Moving onto tier 4 you have options of the PZ. III and VK Both share matchmkaing same upgraded maatchmaking set ups and have the same view ranges.

The main difference is that the PZ. Matcnmaking weighs less, has better engine upgrades, and has slightly more armor. This advantage makes the PZ. Both grinds are not that long, but one will certainly be more fun. Tier 5 sees both lines merge back into the PZ. III builds you may have driven in before. Overall this grind is painless, quick, and allows you to move to tier 6 easily. It also has very good mobility which allows you to outpace many magchmaking around your tier.

The downside is a slightly below average gun when it comes to damage and penetration. Otherwise the VK The tier 7 VK The gun options get a tad better with the top 8. Much like the previous tank there are expensive ,atchmaking upgrades which you pz 1c matchmaking want since this tank needs to extra mobility to flank tougher tanks.

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