Peavey wolfgang serial number dating

Given a Serial Number, How can I tell what year my Peavey Wolfgang was made?

Given a Serial Number, How can I tell what year my Peavey Wolfgang was made?

Peavey Forum Skip to content. Wolfgang serial number This forum is for talking about all kinds of Peavey electric and acoustic guitars. Please provide any information on the guitar. Thanks in advance, Peavey wolfgang serial number dating. Michel Peavey EVH Wolfgang PRS guitars Peavey Classic 30 Boss GT-8 for effects. Though beyond early ones it is always hard to guess. It was thought the mods were all out last week. They've always been excellent on peavey wolfgang serial number dating I've had to call them about.

You can also just call Peavey on their customer service number. I hope this helps. Last edited by Wolfie on Mon Sep 03, Reference Post 1 in Guitar Forum. Forum Members mention Wikipedia has a way to research Wolfgangs. PAF Classic Series Tube Kit Created By Classic30inCincy Majic Mojo Tradename Peavey Serial Database is no longer available. Main Reason Database No Longer Peavey wolfgang serial number dating. Thankfully I have all the dates for mine and sometimes I was on the phone 20 minutes as Peavey has the best CS team in the business!

But these days you have a better shot if your model is a later produced one than an earlier one. Who is online Users browsing this forum: No registered users and 11 guests. Board index All times are UTC

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