Virtual dating radiocarbon

Go to the following link: Follow through the exercises presented in Virtual Dating Radiocarbon. As you do so, answer the questions below:. Please note the following On the last page, entitled Working rdaiocarbon Radiocarbon Curves virtua a final exercise: When you use the C Decay Curve to establish the radiocarbon age, use the youngest age virtual dating radiocarbon.

How does Carbon 14 C form? What does it eventually become, and how does it do so? What percentage of all carbon atoms are C? Explain how C can be used to establish the age of some materials. What type of materials are we able to date this way? What is the half-life of C? What is the accepted radiocabron to report C ages? This date is not the same virtual dating radiocarbon "today" which for this program is As you do so, answer the questions below:


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