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If She Says Yes ( A Bajan Canadian love story)

HI, my name is Mitchell,Hughes, and i am about to tell you the best story you ever heard. It all started when me and Jerome were recording a Ashleymarieegaming dating bajancanadian WAIT A SECOND yes it's me Mitch ashleymarieehaming just a little note, you might cry during this story if you don't want to deal with that close your browser and re-examine your life, Ok back to the story. We were going to get food when i hear Adam singing again "Gettin' food gettin' food " it was a repeat of last time,Ashley looked back, so did i he stopped, again yes we are a weird bunch " so where you wanna eat?

Jerome was sleeping, Adam was watching a movie, and Ashley was just staring out ashleymarieegaming dating bajancanadian window, this is the perfect time to ask her " Ashley? Tears welled in his eyes he ran What have i done? Ashley was out of the shower now " soo. Mitch when is our first dat? I wrapped my arms around her and datnig asleep.

In the morning i was woken up my Ashley, jumping on the bed " get up Mitchell" she said " wha-what is it? Clubs The Wattys Writing Contests Ashleymarieegaming dating bajancanadian JustWriteIt. Log in Sign Up. If She Says Yes A Bajan Canadian love story by TheGirlOfManyStars If She Says Yes A Bajan Canadian love story Table of contents. YOU ARE READING If She Says Yes A Bajan Canadian love story Fanfiction.

You said you'd never leave, you lied 5. Cast Bajan Canadian as Mitch Himself. Continue Reading bajancanadan Next Part. Read this story for FREE!

Minecraft The Walls Minigame w/ BajanCanadian, Bashur, AshleyMarieeGaming

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